Minecraft server

Ozonia minecraft

I privately host a minecraft server for people that are active on the discord server maintained by tehsarkycanadian, a youtube prominent in conlangs, conworlds and art alike. The minecraft server focusses on survival building medival style buildings, with focus on working together on big building projects.

Sadly currently due to my personal financial situation this server is offline. A relaunch is planned in october, where we will oficially reopen the server, probably also hosting a new map, and better performance than before!


Making languages, as a hobby

Some people pass time by reading a book, or playing football. I however make languages for fun, to me it is a form of art much like painting. Besides creating languages i also make things related to them, may it be a made up history, even a full planet and solar system, or just a simple culture.

In conlanging I personally like making writing systems the most. I also, besides for conlangs, from time to time create cyphers for real life languages. I combine this with one of my minor hobbies, calligraphy, which i practice once in a while.

My life online

Wilco's blog

I once promised one of my highschool teachers I would keep them up to date with my life. Sadly, for some reason i really haven't been doing this. For that reason I started a blog on this website, for some sadly in dutch only, so that all those who are interested in how i am doing can now keep following me.

For multiple reasons this blog is in dutch. I will also not bother translating it ;P as this is ment meanly for teachers, friends and family (mosts if not all from the netherlands) to be able to keep up to date with me.

However, if you want to know more about me, you will be able to find me online on discord or via e-mail. I don't mind having some nice conversations with strangers ;)